Billy the Kid

Age: 9+

Published: January 2009

ISBN: 9780007105472

Format: Paperback

Other editions

  • Ebook: 9780007374199
  • Electronic Audio: 9780007420551

Billy was a champion soccer star, playing for Chelsea in the 1930s. But that was before war broke out…

Billy the Kid is told through the voice of an 80 year old man, who looks back on his life as Chelsea’s champion striker until the outbreak of war in 1939 and on through his subsequent life. Billy joins Chelsea as a football apprentice, rises through the reserves to become a real champion. His passion for football sees him through the war years – even as a prisoner of war he organises a friendly against the Italians – but, having been injured by a mine he cannot play for Chelsea on his return to England. Billy turns to vagrancy and alcohol and for years he wanders up and down the country. He re-settles in London in a derelict house and is befriended by a family who move him to a shed in their garden. He, in turn, helps their son with his football who in his turn becomes a Chelsea player. Billy becomes a Chelsea Pensioner and his 80th birthday is celebrated when Chelsea play at home.

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This is an amazing book. it is so inspiring. It is definitely my favorite book. I love Michael Morpurgo’s books and I would recommend it. 10/10. It is quite personal and it is like he writes the book just for you.

I love Billy the Kid, it’s a fabulous book because it really makes you think about what’s happening. It uses you imagination. I say 5 out of 5 ⭐️.        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I just love this book.  In school, our Collins textbook has a whole chapter about Michael Morpurgo.  And this book was the one I liked best. Our teacher reads it too!

I was pleasently surprised by this book.  It really shows the damage the war can do to people.
Amazing book!

Such a brilliant book

I really liked this book because it is interesting I kept on reading it and never stopped so that is how much I liked the book

amazing book!!!! I read it twice it was so good, i’d recommend it to anyone

Although I am not interested in football at all, this good book was a brilliant read and I would recommend this book to anyone from 6-13 yrs old (not just boys!!!).

This is a great book and i finished it in a day, i didnt want to put it down it was so good!

Just a heartfelt book,which gives indirect look at living life smile
I first read this book when I was 8 and got it for Christmas. Books were not my thing, I much preferred maths to reading, but this was the book that got me going. If I wasn't doing puzzles or maths, I was playing football and Chelsea was, still is of course, my team. This book made me a reader. I'll never forget Billy and can still picture him in the playground kicking the ball past everyone. I'm 12 now and although I've had lots of good books to read since, nothing beats this. They should sell it in the Chelsea megastore because lots of boys of that age might be encouraged to read it if it was there.
michael morpurgo is a faboulos author who really makes the characters come to life, you feel like your actually the person in the story.....Amazing....