Age: 7+

Published: February 2013

ISBN: 9781406341072

Format: Paperback

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  • Hardback: 9781406332025

A tender, lyrical tale from the author’s childhood in an idyllic English village, with environmental and conservational themes. In this involving tale, master storyteller Michael Morpurgo revisits the “landscape of his memories”, telling of his boyhood in the idyllic village of Bradwell fifty years before. The village is a stone’s throw from the sea and is peopled by quirky characters such as the three Stebbing sisters, the white moustachioed Colonel Burton and Bennie the village thug. But the heroine of this story is the serene Mrs Pettigrew, who lives in a railway carriage down in the marshes with her dogs, donkey, bees and hens. But industrial reality intrudes when plans are made to build a nuclear power station on the site of the marshes, endangering Mrs Pettigrew’s home and the gulls, owls, kestrels and thousands of insects and plants which also belong there. A village battle ensues for and against the environmental hazard of the power station, and the young Michael finds himself caught up in the sad fate of Mrs Pettigrew and the landscape of his boyhood. This is evocatively illustrated by Peter Bailey.

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Homecoming was my first book of Michael Morpurgo.

I enjoyed homecoming very much because it was exciting and fun at the same time. When I started the book it was full of action so I couldn’t put the book down. I started reading it in my school bookclub and we are reading lots more Michael Morpurgo books!

When I read Homecoming I didn’t want to stop reading because it was so interesting some parts were sad like when Mrs Pettigrew died.Also I was sad when the donkey died as well.I didn’t like it when Michael had a thorn in his cheek and when it mentioned about the blood on the inside of the cheek it gave me the shivers.
I could almost feel the thorn in my own cheek. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HOMECOMING!!!!!!!!!!

I have read this book as I own it and it is very sad but gripping, I recommend for someone to read this book as it is a very sweet tale about animals and beautiful landscapes yet a sad and heart full tale about friendship and heart-breaks.  smile

During Library lesson in school I picked up ‘Homecoming’. I started reading and I couldn’t stop. I read it all and I thought it was brilliant!! Mrs Pettigrew was described perfectley and I loved how depressing it was when Mrs Pettigrew found out in the town hall meeting that her ‘paradise’ was going to become a nuclear power-station.

When I started reading homecoming. It was a book which just made me read every word so carefully. It was a page turner you never want to put it down that's why i had finished it in about 1o minutes. I bought the book to add to my collection of micheal morpurgo books. This book was about friendship, love of of the same place and and Mrs pettigrew was the old lady in her little paradise in the marshes. The ending of her burning her house so they could put a nucluer power-station