Private Peaceful

Age: 9+

Published: August 2012

ISBN: 9780007150076

Format: Paperback

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  • Hardback: 9780007150069
  • Ebook: 9780007477838
  • Audio CD: 9780007178445
  • Electronic Audio: 9780007452842
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Thomas “Tommo” Peaceful and his elder brother Charlie do everything together. They used to go to school together, face their problems together, sleep and eat together; they even loved the same girl… but now they have to face the many facets of war together. Can a bond and loyalty between brothers overcome the brutality of the front lines and bring them safely home? When the lines of heroism and cowardice collide, what can one man or even a brother do to fight the injustices of it all?

“Tommo’s journey from agricultural labourer to cannon fodder is movingly told… Michael Morpurgo is expert at getting through to his readers. He writes here about events that should never be forgotten nor forgiven, and does so most effectively.” Independent

“Full of warmth as well as grief, conveying vividly how precious it is to be alive…” Sunday Times

From Shadow to Private Peaceful, A Medal for Leroy to Why the Whales Came, Michael Morpurgo talks about the theme of war in his books


  • Shortlisted Carnegie Medal
  • Winner Red House Children’s Book Award
  • Winner Blue Peter Book Award (The Book I Couldn’t Put Down Category)
  • Winner South Gloucestershire LA Concorde Book of the Year Award
  • Shortlisted Blue Peter Best Book of the Last 10 Years

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this book is so cool

This book is great even though I’m 8

it is very good

This book almost made me cry buckets of tears and believe me, I rarely cry. I was touched by the powerful love and the message of this book.

This book is brilliant!

I love this book! I must be one of Morpurgo’s biggest fans and this book is one of my favourites. Although I’m only ten I love war stories and I’ve read this book many times.  It has really touched me and made me think about the war and how innocent people gave up their lives. It starts of sounding like its going to be a happy story but the tail twists at the end. A five star read.

Amazing book, few times I have been so addicted to reading!

Incredible and Mesmorizing !!

i just love it

loved it

it is an amazing book which has mixed emotions in one book.jealousy and anger and joy.this book really touches the heart and makes us think deeply

I have just read your fantastic book and would like you to make the second part.You should do it about little Tommo going to the second world war and making him think that his father was Tommo.If you create this book you should do as you did with the last one,say to little Tommo at war that his real father was his brother and him Tommo was his uncle.I have read this book at my school s.t.Georges of Malaga.

This is a good book.

Private Peaceful is the best book I EVER READ! I’m in academic Pentathlon and we read this book. Michael Morpurgo is my favorite author I read all his books But this one was the best. It is sad but has lots of action. Ever since I read that book it changed my life of reading. Thank you Michael Morpurgo for this awesome book.

I also liked reading. I used to read in my primary school a lot but now when I’ve moved to my secondary school, I have to read Private Peaceful. I don’t really like war stories but after reading two pages, I found it quite interesting. I carried on reading and now I’m on page 110.

I feel Private Peaceful is a kind of book that has real magic, because it made me feel that i could never put it down. Private Peaceful was truly gripping each time I picked it up and put it down!

I do really like this book it has a beautiful conflict.

In English we are learning about private peaceful

I loved the butterfly lion. It taught me a lot about freindship and love. I was just astonished by the vocabulary and the love between the lion and Bertie.
I love a lot of Micheal Morpurgo’s books.

best book ever and i read it with my class and my class were all sad

I loved Private Peaceful because of the pure emotion and love that was shown throughout the story. It gave me a lovely insight on what the Great War was truly like and true sibling love, which is nothing like how me and my little sister scrap all the time! It made me cry a lot and it is very rare books can do that to me, it truly is a great masterpiece and Michael Morpurgo deserves all the thanks i can possibly give for his awesome creatively written stories!
Private Peaceful is definitely my favourite Michael Morpurgo book. He is a genius.
Stunningly written. Thoroughly enjoyable read.
It was deeply gratifying
Brilliant book, really made me think, would recommend to anyone. As well as the pure emotion in the book, it is also a great introduction to the First World War, and the horrors of the trenches