Farms for City Children

Patron: HRH Princess Royal
Founding President: Ted Hughes OM.
Life President: Clare Morpurgo MBE

About Farms for City Children

Children’s writer Michael Morpurgo and his wife Clare founded farms for city children in 1976 at Nethercott Farm, deep in Devon river country. We now operate three working farms: Treginnis Isaf on the Pembrokeshire coast opened twenty years ago and Wick Court in Gloucestershire opened in 1997. We aim to expand the horizons of children from towns and cities all over the country by offering them a week in the countryside living together on one of our farms.

How It Happens

Over the years the formula has changed very little. Simply, children are involved in everything necessary to keep the farms going. They learn hands-on where their food comes from, the importance of caring for animals and the land, and the value of working co-operatively as a team. The rewards are, unusually, non-material and self-generated: children discover an active enjoyment in life and a sense of achievement, the effects of which remain with them long after they have waved the farms goodbye.

Charities Michael is patron to:

As well as founding his own, Farms for City Children, with his wife Clare, Michael is patron to many other charities.